Science book reviews

Anil Ananthaswamy, Through Two Doors At Once
Peter Aughton, The Transit of Venus
Deirdre Bair, Jung
Philip Ball, Beyond Weird
Philip Ball, The Sun and Moon Corrupted
Julian Barbour, The Janus Point
Jason Bardi, The Calculus Wars
Marcia Bartusiak, Black Hole
Adam Becker, What Is Real?
Marina Benjamin, Rocket Dreams
Piers Bizony, How To Build Your Own Spaceship
Jonathan Black, The Secret History of the World
Paul Bloom, Descartes' Baby
David Bodanis, E=mc2
David Bodanis, Einstein’s Greatest Mistake
David Bodanis, Passionate Minds
Martin Brookes, Fly
Emmanuel Carrere, I Am Alive And You Are Dead
Sean Carroll, The Big Picture
Sean Carroll, The Biggest Ideas in the Universe
Sean B. Carroll, A Series of Fortunate Events
Marcus Chown, The Never-Ending Days Of Being Dead
Marcus Chown,The Universe Next Door
Stuart Clark, The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth
Arthur C Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey
Frank Close, Elusive
John Cornwell, Hitler's Scientists
The Dalai Lama, The Universe In A Single Atom
Antonio Damasio, The Feeling Of What Happens
David Darling and Agnijo Banerjee, Weird Maths
Paul Davies, The Eerie Silence
Paul Davies, The Goldilocks Enigma
Richard Dawkins, Unweaving the Rainbow
Gerard DeGroot, The Bomb: a Life
Jeremy England, Every Life is on Fire
Patricia Fara, An Entertainment for Angels
Patricia Fara, Fatal Attraction
Patricia Fara, Newton
Graham Farmelo, The Universe Speaks in Numbers
Graham Farmelo (ed.), It Must Be Beautiful
Adrian Fort, Prof: The life of Frederick Lindemann
Atul Gawande, Complications
Michael D. Gordin, Einstein in Bohemia
Alice Gorman, Dr Space Junk vs the Universe
J Richard Gott, Time Travel in Einstein's Universe
Stephen Jay Gould, I Have Landed
Stephen Jay Gould, Rocks of Ages
Anthony Grafton, Leon Battista Alberti
Roderick Graham, The Great Infidel
Samuel Graydon, Einstein in Time and Space
A.C. Grayling, Descartes
Brian Greene, The Fabric of the Cosmos
Jane Gregory, Fred Hoyle's Universe
John Gribbin, The Fellowship
John Gribbin, In Search of the Multiverse
John Gribbin, Science: a History
John Gribbin, Stardust
Edward Everett Hale, The Brick Moon
Paul Halpern, The Quantum Labyrinth
James Hamilton, Faraday
Stephen Hawking, The Universe In A Nutshell
J.L. Heilbron, Galileo
Liz Heinecke, Radiant
Pekka Himanen, The Hacker Ethic
Richard Holmes, The Age of Wonder
Mark Honigsbaum, The Fever Trail
Samantha Hunt, The Invention Of Everything Else
Tim James, Elemental
Kay Redfield Jamison, Night Falls Fast
Lisa Jardine, On a Grander Scale
Clifford V. Johnson, The Dialogues
George Johnson, A Shortcut Through Time
Sarah Stewart Johnson, The Sirens of Mars
Steve Jones, Y: The Descent of Men
Michio Kaku, Parallel Worlds
David S Katz, The Occult Tradition
Jonathan Katz, The Biggest Bangs
Daniel Kehlmann, Measuring The World
Marek Kohn, A Reason for Everything
Lawrence M Krauss, Atom
Manjit Kumar, Quantum
Edward J Larson, Evolution's Workshop
David Leavitt, The Man Who Knew Too Much

Esther Leslie, Synthetic Worlds
Thomas Levenson, The Hunt for Vulcan
Primo Levi, The Search for Roots
Janna Levin, How The Universe Got Its Spots
Richard Lewontin, It Ain't Necessarily So
Alan Lightman, Probable Impossibilities
David Lindley, The Dream Universe
Mario Livio, The Equation That Couldn't Be Solved
Mario Livio, The Golden Ratio
Seth Lloyd, Programming The Universe
Richard Lourie, Sakharov
James Lovelock, Homage To Gaia
James Lovelock, The Revenge Of Gaia
Fraser MacDonald, Escape From Earth
Johnjoe McFadden, Life is Simple
Joao Magueijo, Faster than the Speed of Light
Basil Mahon, The Man Who Changed Everything
Benoit Mandelbrot and Richard Hudson, The (Mis)behaviour of Markets
Jo Marchant, Decoding the Heavens
Edward Marriott, The Plague Race
Ben Marsden, Watt's Perfect Engine
Arthur I Miller, Empire of the Stars
Kevin J. Mitchell, Free Agents
Leonard Mlodinow, Some Time With Feynman
Oliver Morton, Mapping Mars
Oliver Morton, The Moon
David Nixon, International Space Station
Mick O'Hare (ed.), Does Anything Eat Wasps?
Jeffrey Orens, The Soul of Genius
Donal O'Shea, The Poincaré Conjecture
Giorgio Parisi, In A Flight of Starlings
Heinrich Päs, The One
Michael Paterniti, Driving Mr Albert
Mark Pendergast, Mirror, Mirror
Roger Penrose, The Road to Reality
Adam Phillips, Going Sane
Joel Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams, The View From The Centre Of The Universe
Lisa Randall, Warped Passages
Jay Rayner, Star Dust Falling
Martin Rees, Our Cosmic Habitat
Andrew Robinson, Einstein on the Run
Jon Ronson, The Men Who Stare at Goats
Carlo Rovelli, The Order of Time
Karl Sabbagh, Dr Riemann's Zeros
Oliver Sacks, Uncle Tungsten
Lucy Jane Santos, Half Lives
Robert M. Sapolsky, Determined
David N. Schwartz, The Last Man Who Knew Everything
Gino Segrè and Bettina Hoerlin, The Pope of Physics
Michael Shermer, Why people Believe Weird Things
Simon Singh, Big Bang
Lee Smolin, Three Roads To Quantum Gravity
Lee Smolin, The Trouble With Physics
Dava Sobel, A More Perfect Heaven
Dava Sobel, The Planets
David Standish, Hollow Earth
Jim Steinmeyer, Charles Fort
Ian Stewart, Do Dice Play God?
Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen, Evolving The Alien
Matthew Stewart, The Courtier And The Heretic
Richard Stone, Mammoth
Paul Strathern, Mendeleyev's Dream
Raymond Tallis, Of Time and Lamentation
Guido Tonelli, Genesis
Giovanni Vignale, The Beautiful Invisible
Stephen Walker, Beyond
Stephen Walker, Shockwave
David Foster Wallace, Everything and More
Kelly and Zach Weinersmith, A City on Mars
Francis Wheen, How Mumbo-Jumbo Conquered the World
Michael White, Rivals
Jon Willis, All These Worlds Are Yours
Robin Wilson, Lewis Carroll in Numberland
Simon Winchester, A Crack in the Edge of the World
Benjamin Woolley, The Queen's Conjuror
David Wootton, Galileo: Watcher of the Skies
Palle Yourgrau, A World Without Time
Carl Zimmer, Life's Edge

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